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Knowledge Building in Early Modern English Music                                           

Routledge Studies in Renaissance and Early Modern Worlds of Knowledge, (eds.) Harald Braun and Emily Michelson (New York: Routledge, 2021).   


Peer-Reviewed Articles and Book Chapters

'(Re)Creating the Eglantine Table'
Early Music, Vol 48, Issue 3, August 2020, pgs. 359–376, doi: 10.1093/em/caaa051

'Truth and Travel: The Principal Navigations and ‘Thule, the period of cosmographie'’ 
Journal of the Hakluyt Society (July, 2020).


'Myth, Satire, and Truth Building in Thomas Weelkes' 
chapter in Music, Myth, and Story in Medieval and Early Modern Europe (eds.) Katherine Butler and Samantha Bassler (Martlesham: Boydell and Brewer Press, 2019). 

'Dialogues of Byrd and Sidney: performing incompleteness' 
Renaissance Studies (2016) 31: 407-425, doi: 10.1111/rest.12224.              


'School Bands and Choirs'
with John Whitener in Music and the Social Sciences: An Encyclopedia (ed.) William Forde Thompson (Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications, 2014), 982-986.

Selected Publications

Book cover for Knowledge Building in Early Modern English Music by Katie Bank
keywords: musicology, music history, English history
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